Local kids get Water Smart and win iPods in the process

By Contributor
June 26th, 2013

Two lucky Castlegar kids were awarded, June 15, for their spectacular efforts in the City of Castlegar’s Drinking Water Week coloring contest. Eight-year-old GabrielleSwetlicoff and 11-year-old Cyan Ross-Van Mierlo were two of nearly 200 children who entered the contest, which involved colouring a poster highlighting the path our potable water travels in and out of our homes. The girls both received brand new iPod touch 4s from the City of Castlegar, proud sponsors of BC’s Drinking Water Week 2013 (May 20-26).

The contest, hosted by the City of Castlegar’s Water Smart Ambassador, served as an important educational tool reminding community members that the water we use in our homes goes through a network of infrastructure involving pumps and treatment and pipes. Even the water we sprinkle our lawns with has been treated for drinking. If you are interested in exploring whether or not you could reduce water use at your home, please contact Castlegar’s Water Smart Ambassador to sign up for a free lawn and garden watering assessment.

You can arrange an appointment today by contacting Suzanne Fordyce at: 250-687-4602 or waterambassador@castlegar.ca.



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