Where Did Blueberry Strain Come From?

Earl Carruthers
By Earl Carruthers
July 6th, 2013

In the decade of 1970-80s, when the world was almost obsessed with cannabis and its intoxicating properties, many die-hard cannabis fans as well as researchers dedicated themselves to the task of cross breeding cannabis in order to find its uplifted version.

 Blueberry strain, a hybrid form of cannabis which was generated in West Coast of the US by a breeder named DJ Short as a result the cross breeding between three distinct species namely, a Landrace Highland Thai, the Oregon Purple Thai, and an Afghani male. It is a unique strain, highly regarded for its purple blue color and fruity aroma.

Usually cross breeding takes place between plants of same genus but different species. To state it simply, it means, an offspring belonging to the parents of the same community but different clans.. Actually, the process is complex but well calculated. Male and female varieties of plants are selected after scrutinizing all possible desired and undesired traits in them. The fundamental aim of cross breeding is to create an offspring that is of superior quality than both the male and female varieties. An offspring that is inferior in quality may also result in cross breeding, which undoubtedly are discarded or destroyed.

During one such cross breeding, which today can be termed as highly successful, Blueberry marijuana strain was created. But, it didn’t was not the outcome of  one step process. Three individual varieties of plants that had distinct features (desired) in them and were splendid plants in their own way, were interbred. While the Afghani male variety was a dominant variety that grew faster than others, the Highland Thai female variety had sweet tropical punch and a long lasting high. The third musketeer, Oregon Purple cream, was in turn a crossbreed between two already existing varieties of cannabis, which showed sensitivity to temperature by its deep royal purple color.

As easy as it may sound, accessibility of the desired traits through cross breeding calls for numerous permutations and combinations. While some traits can be found in the resultant variety by a single cross breeding, some others need multiple steps to finally appear in the hybrid variety. In case of Blueberry strain,now readily available in the form of blueberry seeds or ready to consume form, the first step involved cross breeding between the Afghani and Oregon variety. Continuing the process further, a hybrid was created between the Afghani and Highland varieties. Finally, interbreeding of these hybrids resulted in the wonderful Blueberry marijuana Strain.

Blueberry strain contains the traits of its parents, no wonder it is one of the most sought after strain, even winning the Cannabis Cup. If the popularity of a plant variety depends completely on its traits i.e. it can be accepted or discarded depending on its feasibility, Blueberry strain is certainly a winner.

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