6 Year Old Loses the Chance to Receive Medical Marijuana in Michigan

Earl Carruthers
By Earl Carruthers
August 13th, 2013

Talking about her son, Jenny Allen, a 32 year old resident of Lansing said, “Having been diagnosed with autism, several kinds of therapies and medications have been tried on him but problems like self destructive behavior and biting continue to mount.”

“We have tried giving mind bending medications, signed up for behavior therapy and even changed the diet patters, but they have not worked,” said Allen.

On Tuesday, when the petition for legally administering medical marijuana to the 6 year old came up before the Michigan Medical Marihuana Review Panel, it was rejected by a 7-2 vote. It’s no doubt a shock for all those who’re in favor of complete acceptance of medical marijuana in Michigan.

Allen’s efforts to secure legal rights to administer medical marijuana to the autistic child were defeated. It was indeed a sad day for all those who knew medical marijuana products can make a difference, a real one.

“It’s appalling,” said the dejected mother. “It is shocking for no panelist did look up what the base condition was. I wonder whether the panels had even researched the subject thoroughly before rejecting it,” she added.

The panel even recommended against putting autism on a list of debilitating conditions that should be considered before Michigan’s voter approved medical marijuana treatment law.

State appointed several panel members have pointed out that there was not much quality research available on marijuana being considered an effective treatment for autism, the sensory disorder.

Not enough research has been carried out because marijuana continues to be on Schedule 1 controlled substance list of the federal government which restricts funding for research into its medicinal usages.

Panelist David Crocker, who voted in favor of adding autism to the law claimed, “Though there is not much there to go by research but I have helped to treat a small number of autistic children with medical marijuana and the results are very encouraging.” Bravo David Crocker. At least there’s someone who understands that outlook towards medical marijuana in Michigan needs to change for betterment of everyone. There’s some hope. How much? We don’t know, really.

Crocker, a Kalamazoo doctor and president of Michigan Holistic Health, certifies medical marijuana patients and was one of the two panelists who supported including autism as a debilitating condition that should be put under Michigan’s voter approved medical marijuana treatment law.

However several other panel members were opposed to bringing the condition under the law as it would bring more minors into medical marijuana certification ambits.

Since brain development goes on till 21 years age and beyond, it would be difficult to decide as to what age should medical use of marijuana be permitted in autism, says Steven Roskos, a panelist and an associate professor at the Michigan State University.

“I think brain development continues to age 21 and beyond, so it would be difficult to decide what age to (allow) use,” said panelist Steven Roskos, M.D., an associate professor at Michigan State University.

Law in Michigan sets out stiff conditions for kids to get a medical marijuana card for there are only 44 minors who have been legally permitted to it ever since the voter approved law into came effect in 2008. We wish that 6 year kid could also benefit from what marijuana dispensaries in Michigan have to offer.

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