City council by-election candidate Tyler Maddocks - in his own words

Tyler Maddocks
By Tyler Maddocks
August 23rd, 2013

Live in Castlegar. Raised in Castlegar. Born in Castlegar. As the youngest candidate it’s time for one seat to sit a new councillor to bring forward energy and a different perspective for the extended future of this community.

I first ran in the 2011 election, which proved to be an amazing experience. Just as it was then; it is clear that this is something I want to be a part of. Since the 2011 election, I now serve as a Director of the Board of the Castlegar Sunfest committee and have continued to keep myself well informed about ongoing issues with continued discussions with citizens and business owners alike.

At 25 years old, I’ve attended local public schools and graduated from Selkirk College completing my Business Administration Diploma. I’m currently working at Growth Financial with Heritage Credit Union, as an Accounting Clerk/Financial Planner Assistant. With a rich family background in the community including my mother who has taught in local elementary schools for over 35 years, I hope to continue my family tradition, and be the third generation Maddocks to serve in office. • Grandfather (Mayor of Kinnaird) • Great Uncle (Mayor of Castlegar) • Father (City Council/Castlegar & District Economic Development Board)

I believe that I can best serve my community by bringing my youth, experiences and energy in representing the citizens of Castlegar. I have a strong desire to get youth more involved in all areas of community life, while maintaining a strong focus on our working families and seniors.

Recent council efforts including the Millennium ponds project, airport sewer and water expansion, and sculpture walk, are great steps forward for our community and in revitalizing the downtown core. But more needs to be done:

  • Public Communication: With over 8,000 active Castlegar Facebook accounts, more needs to be done to insure public awareness, and the ability for citizens to easily comment and raise concerns on any major issue.
  • Youth of the City: Getting the youth more involved in all areas of community life. Regularly meeting with student councils, and more involvement on social media to get a better understanding of needs and desires of our youth.
  • Business Development & Recreation: Business attraction and job developments. We need to be more aggressive in attracting new business. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful area that hosts reasonable business and living expenses. The information is in place: City of Castlegar Website: http://www.castlegar.ca/invest.php Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWwbz_f3Sng Invest Kootenays: http://www.investkootenay.com/invest-in/castlegar-bc/ Now let’s work harder in getting it out there.
  • Health Care: I’d love the opportunity to work with the current council members who continue to fight to restore 24/7 health care in our community. Anything less is simply unacceptable.

I do believe my younger viewpoint is something that would benefit this community for the long term. At 25 years old, there is no doubt I have much to learn but, if given the chance to serve my community, I am willing to work with my colleagues and the citizens of Castlegar to bring my ideas forth and become the best representative that I can.

On September 14th, I hope to earn your vote.

I invite you to join the conversation on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/maddockscouncil or email any questions or comments to: tmaddocks@live.com

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