Millennium Park Memorial Dedication Program

City of Castlegar
By City of Castlegar
July 2nd, 2014

The City of Castlegar invites applications from any individual, organization or service group to be made towards park and public space improvements, including park benches, picnic tables, bike racks, trees, dog pet stands or other park improvement projects for the Millennium Park.

Many of the amenities located in our parks today were previously sponsored through the generosity of individuals or organizations.

The first step in making an application is reviewing the Program Guidelines located on our website at www.castlegar.caand contacting City Hall at 250-365-5979. Our staff will work with you to discuss and review your memorial options.





PARKBENCH–NEW-2,500 (minimum donation)

A park bench will be placed along the walkway or around the ponds. The commemorative plaque is inlaid into the backrest of the bench. Approximately 16 benches available.

PICNICTABLE–NEW-$4,000 (minimum donation)

Commemorate  a  picnic  table  (seats  up  to  6  people)  around the  ponds.  The commemorative plaque is inlaid into the top of the table. Wheelchair accessible tables are optional; some sites maybe designated as accessible table locations. Approximately 5 tables are available for sponsorship.

PLAQUE ADDITION OR REPLACEMENT-$400 (minimum donation)

Add a second plaque, or update the existing with a new inscription.

TREEPLANTING- $400 (minimum donation)

Approximately 26 Green Ash trees are available for sponsorship around the ponds area.  Donours will receive  a  Certificate  of Appreciation,or can choose to have certificates mailed to a loved one as a gift. Location of tree not specified or tracked.

BIKERACK-$1,000 (minimum donation)

A bike rack to be placed at a park, beach or along the trail. Commemorative plaque included.

PETSTAND-$300 (minimum donation)

A ‘PetStand’dispenser to be installed along the walkway. Donours can choose to have a photo of their favourite pet(s) included on the dispenser.  (Note: this item  includes a five-year maintenance agreement).


  Dedication towards a new park improvement project. Examples include gazebos,

park  shelters,  playground  equipment,  landscape  development  and more. Or, dedicate

an entire project and the project will named on behalf of the donor. All donors are

recognized on a Project Dedication plaque.

v  Platinum Donor – $10,000 minimum donation

v  Gold Donor – $1,000 minimum donation

v  Silver Donor – $500 minimum donation

Donations are collected until the project is completely funded; time restrictions may apply depending on the project.

For more information, guidelines and an application form, please visit our website at www.castlegar.ca or call the City of Castlegar at 250-365-7227 or 250-365-5979.


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