Youth group hosts firewood fundraiser

Castlegar Source
By Castlegar Source
September 10th, 2014

Winter is on the way (especially if you live in Alberta)!

But fear not, the New Life Assembly will warm more than just your heart, according to pastor James McFaddin.

“With the generous help of Kalesnikoff Lumber Co., the New Life Youth group will be selling cords of split and delivered firewood to our community in order to support the yearly activities of youth group,” he said. “Our teens will be running chainsaws (with supervision), and wood-splitters (with supervision) and getting roughly 12 cords of wood cut, split, and delivered! If you desire a cord or two of wood to heat your house this winter, please contact us ASAP as we only have limited amounts available.”

He said you can order by calling James at 250-304-4425 or emailing us at youth@castlegarnewlife.ca , and the cost is $225/cord of delivered wood, and will be a mixture of mostly fir/larch, with some hemlock and pine.  

“All the proceeds will go to support the services we provide for at-risk teens in the city of Castlegar,” he said. “At New Life Youth, we love our city and the youth that live in it! We also recognize that there are a lot of at-risk teens who need positive role-models, caring support, and friends who can be around them as they figure out this road called Life. Because of the generous support of Kalesnikoff Lumber, we can continue to offer programs that meet the needs of youth in our city, and create an environment that will allow them to grow, learn, and contribute.”

MCFaddin concluded by offering a heartfelt, “Thank you,” to Kalesnikoff Lumber, “for your generous support and forward-thinking when it comes to nurturing the youth in our city!”

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