Incumbent councillor Deb McIntosh shares platform

Deb McIntosh
By Deb McIntosh
October 24th, 2014

There are many things we could talk about such as taxes, unions, paving and healthcare, just to name a few.

The fact of the matter is that what I say here may not be what I can say or do at the table. Decisions are a made and voted on and the consensus wins. I could tell you that I will discuss and debate every item that comes before me at a council meeting, but it doesn’t happen like that.

It’s true that sometimes you just have to have faith that things will work out. It can be that simple. But that does not happen often. It is mostly a combination of hard work and dedication that gets things done.

I have been asked to get speeds lowered in some areas of town; I wanted it but it didn’t happen. It did not happen, not because we did not care but because when all is said and done, the vote simply didn’t go that way.

We are supposed to engage the community. But 12 years on Council and I have yet to be able to say that we ever accomplished that. I mean really engaged. It is not that we don’t want to, but engagement takes two sides.

Both groups have to get together.

I get it that politics are boring and can irritate the heck out of a person, but we do our best or as close to it as we can. I hear things such as, “You need to make sure there are good jobs,” and, “You need to build a hospital,” or, “You need to fix my sidewalk and make sure my kids have good public schools,” and, “Oh and by the way, you had better not raise my taxes”. Well okay, vote for me and I will get it done. 


We can only do what is possible. We can work towards paving your road and fixing your sidewalk and we can advocate for better health care. We can keep taxes at a level that keeps us competitive with other communities; we can and we will advocate for better education for all of our kids. What I can’t do is promise that it will all come to fruition.

What I can promise is hard work, honesty and integrity. We work hard for your family and ours. We are proud and want what’s best for our community just like you do. We have no hidden agenda and carry no grudges. We are your friends, family and neighbours.

I will continue to work towards moving Castlegar forward in a planned progressive manner. I will do my best to put community engagement at the forefront and continue to be fiscally responsible with your tax dollars. I will continue to work on healthcare and a regional approach. I will continue to work on fairness and job security for our City of Castlegar workers.

I ask for you vote on November 15th.  Please Vote Deb McIntosh, your community partner

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