Vandalism once more plagues election candidates

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
October 27th, 2014

Unfortunately, it would appear this election is not going to distinguish itself from elections past by being one in which no candidate signs were vandalized.

Incumbent councilor Dan Rye said Sunday morning brought with it an unpleasant surprise, when he arrived at a cluster of candidate signs up near the Fireside Inn and found them all ripped out of the ground, many of them damaged.

“It’s kind of frustrating, when you have to check yours signs almost every day,” he said. “They’re a significant investment.”

He said the larger signs can cost upwards of $75, and candidates usually purchase at least a handful of signs for their campaigns.

‘Every candidate that is running feels they have something to contribute to this city, and it can be very discouraging to have these acts of mischief take place,” he said. “It is illegal to tamper with these signs and I hope someone knows something and comes forward.

“The RCMP have started a file on this mischief. Contact them (250-365-7721) if you know anything about this. I am sure all the candidates would appreciate it.”

The only small upside to the vandalism might be the fellow-feeling it creates among candidates – it’s not an uncommon sight, during an election cycle, to see candidates fixing, not only their own signs, but those of competing candidates as well.

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