October 'warmest on record' says Weather Forecaster
 Ron Lakeman

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
November 2nd, 2014

For anyone who thought the thermometer was hovering a little higher than normal that was correct according to Ron Lakeman, Weather Forecaster
 for the Southeast Fire Centre in Castlegar.

“The mean temperature during the month was 10.4 degrees which makes this the warmest October on record,” Lakeman said adding along with higher temperatures came more wet weather.

Lakeman said the pervious maximum mean temperature during October was 9.9 degrees recorded in 1979 and the monthly rainfall (no snow) was 82 percent greater than normal.

“The month began dry and relatively warm as an upper ridge of high pressure dominated,” Lakeman explained.

People basked during the sunny days in October, with the highest temperature — 22.5 C — recorded during the afternoon of (Friday) October 10.

Lakeman said the temperature dropped below zero degrees only once during the month, local frost was experienced during the early morning of the (Monday) October 27.

However, mixed in with the sunshine were many bouts of rain.

“A more eventful pattern developed mid month and numerous Pacific systems produced frequent rain through months end,” he said.

“The most significant system provided 40.7 millimetres of rain (45% of the months total rainfall) on (Wednesday) October 22, the heavier rain falling during the night,” Lakeman adds.

“This is the new one day greatest rainfall during the month of October.”

Forecast for November is a continuation of above average temperatures with precipitation to begin the month.

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