Introducing school trustee candidate Teri Ferworn

By Contributor
November 10th, 2014

Thank you to Kyra Hoggan and the Castlegar Source for inviting me to voice my opinions and views regarding the upcoming election for School Trustee for SD#20.

I have lived in the Castlegar area for over 40 years.  My husband, Cliff, and I have successfully raised three wonderful children who attended local schools.  We also have five gifted grandchildren, two of whom attend local schools.

I have dedicated my life to nurturing children, both my own and other people’s.  I have worked as an early childhood educator, foster parent, and in early intervention programs.  I wish to continue to advocate for children and youth in the school district as a School Trustee for Area 1: Ooteshenia, Pass Creek, Brilliant, Thrums, Glade, Tarrys and Shoreacres.

My political platform is very simple: I believe that Every Child Matters and I will work my hardest to ensure that each and every child/youth receives the education they need to achieve their full potential. 

Times are changing rapidly in the world around us, and our children need to be prepared to participate in a global society.  Technology is changing the way we communicate at a rapid pace and will continue to do so.  Our students need to be prepared to take their place in a global economy; this means providing courses that are meaningful and relevant to achieve this goal.  This would include protecting and expanding our second-language programs, upgrading our technology, and learning critical thinking and social skills to navigate the ever-changing world.  

Fiscal responsibility is imperative if we are to provide our children with educational opportunities that are relevant and advance their chances to succeed in adulthood. Balancing the budget when expenses exceed revenues is a painful and distressing process for everyone involved. Budget planning should be an ongoing process aimed at aligning budget allocations with the district’s strategic goals and priorities, which are based on the district vision and core values. Communication and consultation with students, parents, parent advisory committees, teachers, support staff, senior staff, administrators, and unions representing staff will need to continue to strike a balance that ultimately supports our children’s achievement.

An education leader needs to understand the vital role a school plays in the community and be involved in community engagement processes so that things like school closures or the sale of school district properties are decided through a fair and democratic process.

I believe it takes courage, conviction, compassion, and collaboration to fulfill the duties of a school board trustee, as well as a sense of humor and a thick skin!  Good governance and strong leadership often mean having to make very difficult decisions in tough times, but always with a vision for better times.  I will take an open-minded approach, listening carefully and respectfully, striving for wisdom and balance in my decisions, always aware that I represent every student’s interests in SD20.  I will make a sincere effort to cultivate positive relationships with everyone and I believe that I can make a positive difference in the lives of our children.

On November 15th please cast your ballot for me if you believe that “Every Child Matters.”  Thank you.