Strong words from MP Atamanenko after Conservatives push through motion to extend mission to Middle East

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
April 1st, 2015

Alex Atamanenko, MP for BC Southern Interior is angry that the bombing mission in the Middle East will be expanded from Iraq into Syria.

The mission was extended for another year following the motion passed Monday by a Conservative majority in the House of Commons.

The Conservative dominated House passed the motion by a 142-129 margin to extend the mission for up to a full year and authorize bombing runs in Syria against targets belonging to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

“The UN Security Council has passed three resolutions dealing with the situation in Iraq none of which authorized military action,” Atamanenko said in a media release, adding Canada has no business making war in the region.

“I feel sick that Canada is being drawn down such a reckless road by this government.”

The government said Canadian fighter jets will soon be launching airstrikes in Syria — even in the next day or two.

Although voted down by Conservatives, the NDP attempted to amend the motion in ways that would not only emphasize what Canada was actually asked to do in the region but would also employ the expertise we are famous for.

“We should use all the diplomatic, humanitarian and financial channels at our disposal to strengthen political institutions,” said NDP Leader Tom Mulcair in the House of Commons. 

“Our limited resources can be much more effective in fighting ISIL and its ideology if we avoid sleepwalking into an ever-expanding military conflict and focus on a robust humanitarian mission.”

Atamanenko believes the government should:

  • take immediate and specific steps to meet its international obligations one of which is to immediately sign and ratify the Arms Trade Treaty and demonstrate real commitment to ending the flow of weapons to illegally armed groups and human-rights abusers.
  • partner with domestic communities to develop a strategy to counter radicalization here in Canada and lead the way as the international coalition develops a strong campaign of counter-extremist messaging which will expose the brutality of ISIS and the lack of a religious basis for its atrocities.
  •   help to build the inclusive, responsible governance in Iraq that all the experts agree is needed for a lasting solution after ISIS.

“Sending our troops into war should always be a very last resort.  Engaging in combat will not make our country safer,” concluded Atamanenko.

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