Hudson Hope car stolen with child still belted inside

Castlegar Source
By Castlegar Source
May 8th, 2015

On May 7, at 12:48 p.m. the Hudson’s Hope RCMP received a report that a vehicle had just been stolen with a three-year-old child still inside.

Officers immediately attended the scene and obtained details as quick as possible in order to activate an Amber Alert.

Surrounding RCMP detachments in every direction possible were notified of what had occurred and immediately set up a perimeter to cover all possible routes out of Hudson’s Hope while other supporting units headed to the town itself.

Local fire chief and working District of Hudson’s Hope maintenance workers were notified and joined in the search. Within minutes ,numerous employees were at different locations within the community and highway watching for the stolen vehicle.

At 1:14 p.m,. the suspect vehicle was located by two District of Hudson’s Hope workers abandoned in the back alley behind a local gas station/convenience store. The child was still seat-belted into their car seat, was reported to be in good spirits and no medical attention was necessary.

Due to the short distance from where the vehicle was stolen then abandoned, police believe the child was not targeted, rather the vehicle was, and once the suspect realized there was a child inside the vehicle, it was abandoned.

This investigation is still in its early stages and police are requesting assistance from the public in order to help identify a possible suspect.

Please note that NO Amber Alert Activation took place.

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