MP lobbies Air Canada for better landing technology for Castlegar

Alex Atamanenko MP
By Alex Atamanenko MP
May 28th, 2015

Derek Vanstone, VP Government Affairs, Industry

And Corporate Strategy

Air Canada

Dear Mr. Vanstone,

Thank you very much for taking the time to meet with us to discuss the future of the West Kootenay Regional Airport.

As you are aware, technology currently exists to improve the reliability of airports such as our Airport in Castlegar.  British Columbia and all West Kootenay communities would benefit if flights into Castlegar could be predictable during the winter months.

Enclosed please find letters of support from John Malcolm, CAO – City of Castlegar, Mayor Debra Kozak – City of Nelson, Ed Olthof – President Nelson – District Chamber of Commerce and Tammy Verigin-Burk – Director Castlegar – District Chamber of Commerce and Katrine Conroy, MLA.

In reading these letters you will see support for bringing the Q-400 aircraft in to increase landing reliability during the winter months.

As you are also aware, Jeppesen has completed a new RNP approach design for NAV Canada.  This system would be available for use in Castlegar by this fall, if a written commitment could be provided by Air Canada to employ the Q-400 aircraft during the winter months.

The economic benefits to our region and to Air Canada would be tremendous.

The enclosed letters outline in detail the specifics of how a reliable airport would have a positive impact on the people and economy of our region.

It is important also for you to understand that together, we represent the current federal government as well as the Official Opposition.  In the interest of the citizens of the West Kootenay region, we have chosen to collaborate on this important issue. 

We strongly urge you to cooperate with all stakeholders in order to ensure that the West Kootenay Regional Airport has access to the Q-400 aircraft as of the fall of 2015.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in the very important matter.  We look forward to your reply and continued collaboration in this endeavor.


Original Signed                                                                                        

Alex Atamanenko, MP                                                                                   

BC Southern Interior 

David Wilks, MP                                                                                    



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