Love triangle; runaway SUV keeps just two of many calls during busy week for NPD

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
August 9th, 2015

The influx of tourists and patrons attending the popular electronic music festival, Shambhala near Salmo, made for a higher call rate than normal for Nelson Police Department.

Two calls in particular happened last week on Baker Street and outside the Nelson Police Department office on Stanley Street.

The Baker Street call happened Tuesday (August 4) when dispatch received numerous calls of a fight at the corner of Baker and Stanley Streets outside Otter’s Book Store.

When officers arrived on scene they found a large crowd standing around a young adult male, who had been physically restrained by a citizen. 

The male was immediately turned over to police custody.

The male appeared daze, confused and was bleeding from his nose,” said NPD Sergeant Corey Hoy in a media release.

“The resulting investigations lead to the male with the bloody nose and another male being taken into custody,” Hoy added.

Hoy said during interview with witnesses and the parties involved in the incident, police discovered that the altercation was a result of “love won and love lost.”

“It seems that the male with the bloody nose had come across his ex-love and her new beau on Baker Street,” Hoy explained.

“The male asked the young lady to return a pricey necklace he had given her as a sign of his affection.  She graciously returned the necklace and received in return, a nasty insult.  The male then spat on her.”

Hoy said the male made a break for it when the young ladies male friends sprung into action.  The friends pursued the “spitter” on foot and eventually caught up to him. 

Hoy added the male that took control of the “spitter” held him for police.  While the “spitter” was restrained, another male, unrelated to the incident, rode up on his bicycle, dismounted, taunted the “spitter” and unceremoniously punched him on the nose.

Hoy said as a result of this incident the NPD took two intoxicated men into custody. 

“Both spent time in gaol awaiting sobriety,” he said.

“Once the men were sober enough to understand the criminal process, they were released from custody with court documents.”

Both men now are facing criminal charges of assault.

Brave act by resident protects against potential tragedy

Quick thinking by a passing motorist possibly prevented what could have been a very dangerous situation for pedestrians near the Nelson Public Library Wednesday (August 5).

Shortly after 5 p.m., John Irwin was driving south on Stanley Street from Baker when noticed an older SUV roll back out of a parking spot and careen across Stanley Street going backward.

“The SUV rolled into the far lane and back,” said Sgt. Hoy.

“It then crossed the sidewalk and smashed into the concrete wall in the police department parking lot.”

Hoy said the 600 Block of Stanley Street, outside the Nelson Public Library, sees a constant flow of pedestrians, vehicles picking up or dropping off at books and people at the library as well as many vehicles heading east and west from Victoria Street and onto the main thoroughfare.

Hoy said after Irwin saw the SUV strike the wall the vehicle began to roll forward across the sidewalk for the second time and out into the travelled portion of Stanley Street. 

“Recognizing the danger to the nearby pedestrians, vehicles and passengers driving by, Irwin decided to leap into action,” Hoy said.

“Having only a split second to react, he quickly parked his own vehicle sprinted to the SUV, opened the driver’s door and secured the vehicle by applying the parking brake. “

“All while the SUV was still moving,” Hoy added.

“Miraculously, no one was hurt and property damage was minimal.”

Hoy said the SUV owner was issued a ticket for failing to properly secure her vehicle — an error she will not likely to soon forget.

Hoy said  the Nelson Police Department would like to thank John Irving for his selfless and brave act.

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