LETTERS: Have Canadian voters learned nothing?

Cindy McCallum Miller
By Cindy McCallum Miller
October 2nd, 2015

Dear Editor,

Canadians can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel in this extended election period but, incredibly, the polls show that there is a slight chance  
the most brazenly corrupt government in Canadian history could be returned to power instead of obliterated off the political map. A government that attacked the fundamental principles of democracy could be rewarded instead of rejected? I am confused by the polls but apparently the strategy of a doubly long election period might work. Get all the scandals out in the open and the pent up anger and frustration loose in the first four weeks so we all feel better and then hope we forgive and forget. Play us for fools and slip back into office. The temporary foreign worker from Australia they hired to boost their flagging campaign must laughing to the bank.

In addition to Duffy and the Senate scandals, Del Mastro’s conviction for  
election fraud, muzzling scientists, eliminating protection of 98 per cent of  
waterways, Bill C-51, attacks on Canada Post and the CBC, we now have a report by SumOfUs showing 350 Tory donors were given lucrative government appointments in the past 10 years.  You can get the details on www.jobsfordonations.ca.

Taxpayers on the hook for loyalty rewards. That is what corrupt governments do. Unless we have changed as a nation and now condone cheating, lying, bullying and abuse of authority, we need to go to the polls and let our vote speak for us.  Harper’s team pretends to stand for law and order but they are guilty of violating the law and attacking the courts.  They say they protect the economy but their track record says otherwise. Canadians need to hold them accountable, not give them another chance to entrench their dishonourable behaviour.

Cindy McCallum Miller



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