Former resident shares winter wonderland idea via social media

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
December 2nd, 2015

A former Castlegar resident has found a fun and enviro-friendly fashion to add some pizazz to her grey winter landscape.

Carina Pilla-Falkman lived in Castlegar for 37 years before moving to her current locale, about 15 minutes up the mountain from Salmon Arm (“Basically, in the middle of nowhere,” she said) – but lots of her Castlegar friends saw her Facebook post about her wonderful winter creation.

“I get the winter blues and thought, ‘Let’s do something different,’” she said, adding she’s not an artist and, frankly, doesn’t consider herself particularly artistic. “I was just bored, and we have to run the water to keep the pipes from freezing anyway, so I sprayed a light mist on our lilac bush.

“The next day, we noticed ice had formed, so we kept doing it,” she said, adding this started about three weeks ago and now encompasses their lilac, a cherry tree, a Red Burning bush, and a few smaller bushes.

Yesterday, she went and picked up three packs of food colouring, added the colour to cold water in spray bottles, and ended up with the stunning results pictured here.

“We sprayed it a little at a time, so it wouldn’t melt,” she said (‘we’ includes her fiancée Terry Bos, who assisted).

“I didn’t know what it would look like, but I thought, worst-case scenario, we got some entertainment and it only cost us about $12 for the food colouring,” she said. “I’m actually pretty proud of myself.”

Pilla-Falkman still has close family ties to the Castlegar/Trail area, but says she is very much enjoying her current mountain-side abode.

“There’s no noise here where I am, up here on the mountain,” she said. “It’s very quiet and peaceful.”

And now, colourful.


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