Spring Farm Fair fast approaching

By Contributor
April 27th, 2016

We are hosting our Third Annual Spring Farm Fair on May 14 from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., at the Pass Creek Regional Exhibition Grounds in Robson. Spring Farm Fair is associated with the Annual Pass Creek Fall Fair, which informs and educates the public regarding the importance of the Agricultural Industry and the positive impact to the economy of B.C.

Spring Farm Fair brings ranchers, farmers, local business, local food producers, public and vendors together who raise all different types of livestock, fruit trees, nurseries, poultry, grape vines, nuts, herbs, bees etc., Inviting farming-related business to attend and support farmers offering information on merchandise available and information on how it would impact their farm and improve their operation and bottom financial line. Inviting the public to attend and have the option of purchasing items from farmers direct and the ability to purchase locally in the future.

If we can educate the public to purchase food and farm items locally, it would be a huge financial impact to our local economy. There are approximately 80,000 households in the West Kootenays if each household spent $10 a week, $40 a month X 12 months = $480.00 per year X 80,000 households this would equal $3,840,000 put back into the local economy. This would support local farmers, making them a viable industry in our area. People are interested in where their food comes from, they want to buy local, they don’t want to buy offshore food when they have no idea how it is grown or handled.

Spring Farm Fair continued to grow in its second year and there were more farmers and exhibitors attending. It is becoming an important event in the spring for farmers to gather and source local livestock, seeds, plants and equipment for the upcoming growing season. We anticipate a larger turn out for the Third Annual Spring Fair as word of this unique event spreads. We want more people to have back yard gardens growing their own fruit, vegetables and herbs. We want more backyard poultry and small livestock where permitted, so people can have fresh protein that is raised humanly. Farming knowledge and being able to meet and talk in person to local farmers & ranchers is priceless.

Spring Farm Fair will have two bunny petting zoos and horse-drawn carriage rides which are free, there is no gate admission and there is a concession and ATM on site.

We are hoping you will consider attending the Spring Farm Fair as a vendor – business rate is $50 and non-commercial farm vendors are $10. We will have our website up and running and add each paid vendor to the site. Our website is www.passcreekfair.com and there is a link to the Spring Farm Fair.

Yours truly

Donna Smith


Spring Farm Fair / PCRES