Cherryl MacLeod, council by-election candidate, in her own words

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September 24th, 2016

Cherryl MacLeod wants the citizens of Castlegar to have more say in the important decisions facing City Council. She knows the community well, and knows the wealth of experience and knowledge of local residents is the most valuable asset the city has.

“If honoured to receive the vote of the people of Castlegar I will work together with all local residents to make our beautiful, vibrant city even better,” said MacLeod who will be out every day as she campaigns to earn voters’ trust right up until by-Election Day on Saturday, October 29th. “City Council needs to be open, transparent and accountable to all residents. Everyone in our community should be well informed of the important decisions shaping our collective future.”

Living in Castlegar for more than 40 years, MacLeod worked hard and raised a family that now includes four adult children and five grandchildren. In working in the Castlegar school system for the last 25 years, currently at Stanley Humphries Secondary School, she has watched hundreds of young people in the city grow-up too. She remains committed to helping students and young people learn how to reach their potential.

“Being a grandmother is the best job ever,” said MacLeod. “My experience working in the school system and as a mother and grandmother helps put things into perspective. I will bring that point of view to City Council. We need to consider the decisions we make over the long-term, knowing what we choose now will impact future generations.”

The drive to contribute to the Castlegar community is not new for MacLeod. A long-time volunteer, currently a member of the Emergency Social Services Team as well as a Community Justice Facilitator, MacLeod also served on the Executive Board of the Robson Recreation Society for over 30 years. On top of that, she volunteered for the Pass Creek Fall Fair Society, coached girls’ softball, was the Grad Parent President all the years her children graduated and was involved in the Parent Advisory Committee every year her children were in school.

“I have always needed to give back to the community that has given me so much.” said MacLeod. “I have always been someone who, when there was something needed to be fixed, I was willing and able to do what was necessary to work on it together with others to get the job done.”

Among the issues to focus on if elected to Castlegar City Council, MacLeod highlights seven key points that will be her main priorities:

  1. Respect taxpayers and make sure we get the best deal for our money for all City improvements including the Airport.

  2. Expand democracy and revise our City bylaws so that all issues can be raised at Council and accurately reported in the minutes.

  3. Involve the public and make sure there is genuine community consultation on all projects, like bike lanes, so these improvements can be the best they can be.

  4. Build Castlegar for the next generation and upgrade infrastructure in a way that makes it clear what our hard earned tax dollars are paying for.

  5. Promote a vibrant and diverse local economy that makes sure we are creating good paying jobs that help all Castlegar families thrive.

  6. Care for all in our community and make sure no one in Castlegar is left behind or fall through the cracks – especially our young people.

  7. Support a clean, sustainable environment and protect Castlegar’s beautiful natural ecology for the good of our planet, and our economy.

“I’ve been a sports coach, but am also a team player,” added MacLeod. “If elected in the City Council by-election on Saturday, October 29th, I hope to step up to the plate and go to bat for you, your family, and our whole community.”

To contact Castlegar City Council candidate Cherryl MacLeod, email cherrylforcouncil@gmail.com or visit www.facebook.com/cherrylmacleodforcouncil.


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