Janna Sylvest, council by-election candidate, in her own words

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September 24th, 2016

Janna Lynn Sylvest is an economic development professional… a business tax lawyer by training, an entrepreneur by trade, and semi-retired by design.

Ms. Sylvest’s family roots in Castlegar go back to the 1950’s. She moved to Castlegar in January 1964 (after a few weeks in the pediatric ward of VGH, with her twin sister). She was raised in Castlegar and completed all of her early schooling in Castlegar including two years at Selkirk College. If elected, Ms. Sylvest will be the second Sylvest to serve on Council following in her father’s footsteps.

Further details of Ms. Sylvest’s qualifications for council, short biography of interests and connection to Castlegar, and a detailed Curriculum Vitae are on her website at www. Janna. Solutions

In answer to the Castlegar Source’s request for a candidate platform, Janna says:

“I stand against:

  • Lowering business taxes by raising homeowner taxes.

  • Myopic pet project vision at the expense of maintaining amenities and infrastructure in every neighbourhood.

  • Chaotic planning, an absence of responsible zoning, and a refusal to change course in the face of a housing crisis and downtown decay.

  • Uncooperative governance that rejects exploring alliances with citizen groups, neighbouring communities, and non-profits.

  • Closed-door insider politics resulting in telling citizens what is being done or already has been done to you.

I stand for:

  • Economic development based on fostering local entrepreneurship, sustainable industries, and resident retention.

  • Negotiation, alliance building, and forging partnerships to a better path and a strong future.

  • Inclusive, citizen first policy full and frank disclosure of our challenges, financial acumen, and the ability to adapt to change.”

Janna’s campaign slogan is Janna’s Got A Planna! If you doubt it, then you haven’t read her detailed plans, answers to frequently asked questions, and hot topic blogs at www.janna.solutions


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