LETTER: Reader supports Sylvest in by-election

By Contributor
October 24th, 2016

Dear Editor and my fellow voters,

We have an exciting opportunity before us,and that is the chance to elect to our esteemed City Council a member who has substantial professional expertise in tax law and finance, in running successful businesses that also build community, and significant experience working well on teams. That candidate is Janna Sylvest.

I first met Janna back in the 1980s when we were both a part of Job’s Daughters; Janna was unanimously elected as our Honored Queen because even in her teens she demonstrated collective vision, inclusive planning driven by the members, and realistic budgeting. For example, we organized a Rock-a-Thon (all members had to rock in rocking chairs at what was then Maloney’s car lot on Columbia Avenue) to raise money for the purchase of a CAT scan machine for the regional hospital.

Throughout the 30 years since then, Janna’s leadership has proven itself consistently in the achievement of many community-minded goals in the Lower Mainland as her resume details, and she is now energetically ready to put to work her considerable talents and professional experience for her beloved hometown of Castlegar where she has chosen to semi-retire at the young age of 52.

Although the slogan “Janna has a planna” suits her fun-loving sense of humor, she really does have an impressive, tangible, progressive plan for this community. I believe that the majority of voters who have read or will read her detailed plan will want to implement it; it builds upon the successes of the current Council while also ensuring long-range sustainability and sensible growth. You can read it for yourself here: http://www.janna.solutions/ If you agree with this plan, then I hope you, too, will vote for Janna Sylvest for Castlegar City Council.

Linda (King) Harwood

Long-time Castlegar resident

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