Council wraps up 2016 with appointments to next year's committees

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
December 21st, 2016

Monday night, Dec. 19, saw the final city council meeting of 2016 in Castlegar. As is customary, mayor Lawrence Chernoff announced the councillor’s committee appointments for the coming year.

The appointments are relevant to residents insofar as they help members of the community determine where best to direct questions, comments or complaints.

“It’s a lengthy decision in which many factors come into play,” Chernoff said. “I can tell you, this year, I went through about 21 drafts. It’s impacted by work schedules, availability, personal qualities, and more. It translates into how well we communicate with the community, and that’s important.”


Public Safety
Chair: Councillor Arry Dhillon
Deputy Chair: Councillor Sue Heaton-Sherstobitoff

Cultural and Civic Pride
Chair: Councillor Dan Rye
Deputy Chair: Mayor Lawrence Chernoff

Community Wellness and Social Services
Chair: Councillor Deb McIntosh
Deputy Chair: Councillor Arry Dhillon

Finance and Corporate Services
Chair: Councillor Sue Heaton-Sherstobitoff
Deputy Chair: Councillor Deb McIntosh

Green & Technological Initiatives (Green)
Chair: Mayor Lawrence Chernoff
Deputy Chair: Councillor Dan Rye
Deputy Chair: Councillor Bruno Tassone

Transportation and Civic Works
Chair: Councillor FlorioVassilakakis
Deputy Chair: Councillor Rye

Planning and Development
Chair: Councillor Bruno Tassone
Deputy Chair: Councillor Florio Vassilakakis

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