City crews continue to to work 24/7 to keep flooding damage to a minimum

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By Castlegar Source
June 3rd, 2017

City crews are continuing to work around the clock to clear a storm sewer main, the blockage of which is causing localized flooding in the 6 Street/9 Avenue area downtown, according to director of Public Works Chris Barlow.

“There is flooding in three or four houses from last night’s rainfall,” Barlow said. “Crews are working to clear the main and setting up emergency bypass pumps.”

He said the original damage was caused by a small mudslide on Bloomer Creek in the Oglow subdivision which clogged the storm sewer system with sand, silt and debris.

In a press release subsequent to the interview, the city indicated financial relief for those effected may become available, and further cautioned residents to be wary of high water levels.

“The City has applied to Emergency Management British Columbia for Disaster Financial Assistance. If approved, the municipality and effected residents may be eligible for Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA). More information on the DFA program can be found on the Emergency Management British Columbia web site,” the release read.

“The City cautions that creeks, streams, and rivers continue to rise and see increased flows. Residents are advised to use extra care and attention around local water ways.  Hikers and walkers should be aware that fast moving water may cause some creek bank erosion and creek bank edges may not be stable.“

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