Fire Centre says this winter had the most snow in over 20 years

Castlegar Source
By Castlegar Source
April 3rd, 2018

This winter saw record-breaking snowfall in Castlegar, according to Fire Weather Forecaster Jesse Ellis.

“As of the end of March, a total of 309 cm of snow fell this winter,” Ellis said. “This is the most that has been seen in the area since the winter of 1996/97 (450cm), and is the fifth greatest amount on record (490.5 in 1968/69).

“The large scale pattern alternated between a broad upper trough and a cool northwesterly flow during the majority of the month (of March), resulting in lower than normal temperatures and a greater fraction of the month’s precipitation falling as snow.  The total monthly precipitation was within one per cent of normal but cool temperatures and lower snow levels meant that we saw over twice the normal amount of snow (31 cm this month compared to the average of 13.2 cm).

“The most significant Pacific storm to pass over the area brought 11.4 cm of snow beginning during the night of (March) 7, turning to rain (6.8 mm) by the afternoon of March 8. The next largest single-day snowfall event produced 7.2cm on the 24th.

“The coldest temperature of the month (-7.7 degrees) occurred during the early morning hours of March 10, when high pressure helped bring clear skies above the ridgetops and extensive low cloud and fog failed to develop below.  This falls well short of the record low of -16.5 degrees set in 2009. Sunny skies and a well-mixed atmosphere brought the warmest temperature of the month on the 30th (+15.5 degrees), also falling short of the record high of 23.1 degrees from 2004.”

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