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May 1st, 2018

There are many opinions about the upcoming referendum and proposed upgrades/enhancements (known as Option B).  With investments of this size it is understandable to get emotionally involved. 

Unfortunately, when emotions get high, the facts can be skewed and rumours can become more relevant than facts.  Regardless of what is being said, make sure to visit the website www.myactivityhub.ca, but more importantly be sure you vote on June 23to make your voice heard!  Decisions of this importance need your input.

So this is my short “reader friendly” analysis on what we’re going to get and what this will cost us, you and me:

So what do we get with Option B?

Fitness Area:

New expanded fitness room (cardio, stretching, weights)

New fitness studio and storage (group classes)

Elevator and stair access to level 2

2ND Arena

Regulation sized ice sheet

150 spectator seats

Team rooms

Lobby extension to facilitate more leisure skating activities


Social Hub

Lobby expansion & upgrades

New reception

“Fireside” room

Warm viewing area to arena

Administration offices

Multipurpose / party room

Indoor Track

New indoor walking track


New leisure pool with water features and beach entry

Change room retrofit

Universal change room expansion
Spray pad

Okay, so what will this cost us, you and me?


–          Project Cost: $32,370,000

–          Amount to be borrowed: $22 Million (maximum)

–          Grant Funding: $10.370 Million  
*Project will not commence until the grant funding is secured
*Grants will not be distributed until voted yes


Also……we could apply for more!

Victoria and Ottawa recently agreed to a $157 million grant program specifically for recreation infrastructure – a program that unlikely will be repeated.

Good Examples of funding from the past:

•       Port Hardy (Mar ‘18): 50%– $6 million of $12 million

•       Hazelton (Oct ‘16): 75% – $12 million of $16 million

•       Nelson (2005): 73% – $4.6 million of $6.3 million

•       Banff (Sep ’11): 50% –  $15.8 million of $31.4 million


$ 48.10 per 100k assessed Value of your home.  Basically $4 per month/ 100k assessed value. 

These are the facts.  However there is so much more to this than just these numbers.  There are numerous direct and indirect spin-offs that will benefit this community for years to come.  This is not only for our future, but our kids and grandkids as well.

Please come out on June 23rd and make your voice heard.  And vote yes!

Bergen Price

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