Referendum on Complex enhancements fast approaching

Regional District of Central Kootenay
By Regional District of Central Kootenay
June 15th, 2018

Over the past two months, members of the Castlegar & District Recreation Commission, along with Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) staff from the Community Complex, have been responding to inquiries and sharing information about the enhancements project so electors can be fully informed before voting in the referendum. One advance voting day was held yesterday, with another set for June 20, and the general voting day is June 23.

“I’d like to thank everyone in the community for being so strongly engaged in this process,” said Lawrence Chernoff, Chair of the Recreation Commission. “We have heard passionate debate from people on both sides of the issue, and we have tried to provide clear facts on a complicated issue. While the Commission supports the project and thinks it will provide great value to the community, it is now in the hands of voters to determine what will happen.”

If the referendum passes, and electors support the borrowing of $22 million, the Commission and staff are already prepared to pursue grants for the remaining $10.37 million. Other levels of government have already expressed support for facilitating access to funding opportunities. Katrine Conroy, Member of Legislative Assembly for Kootenay West, provided the following statement:

“There are a variety of ways that the Complex can obtain financial support from other levels of government in order to lessen the burden on local taxpayers. In particular, the federal and provincial governments have signed an agreement to provide long-term infrastructure funding under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP). The agreement includes streams of funding that are dedicated to community recreational infrastructure and to rural communities, which will very likely be available to help offset the cost of the community centre expansion to taxpayers. It’s great to know that both provincial and federal levels of government recognize the importance of this kind of investment in our rural communities.

“On a personal note, I fully support the expansion of the Complex. I know how beneficial this will be to residents of all ages throughout our Region. I also remember when the referendum was passed in the 80s to support the expansion then and how it made such a positive difference to our communities.

“Even though my husband, Ed and I rarely get a chance to use the actual facilities, we have and still do attend so many events there, watching kids and grandkids playing hockey, broom ball, figure skating, swimming, or attending community events like graduation, trade fairs, weddings, skate-a-thons, seniors or cadets events, to name just a few—it is obvious how needed this expansion is. As the local MLA I will work hard to ensure we get our share of funds to make this project successful and cost effective for everyone.”

Chernoff said he appreciates the support.

“It’s heartening to have the support of other levels of government. But whatever the outcome, I’d like to thank the people of Castlegar and Areas I and J for participating in the democratic process and having their say on this issue,” said  Chernoff. “I am proud of the work the commissioners and staff have done on this project—starting all the way back in 2014 with the master planning process—and we will continue to listen to the voice of the people as we work to meet their needs.”

Information about the enhancements project—including details of the enhancements, taxation information, FAQs and videos—can be found at https://myactivityhub.ca.

Information about voting can be found on the RDCK website under Government > Elections & Assent Voting > AAPs & Referenda (Assent Voting); or follow this link: http://www.rdck.ca/EN/main/government/elections-other-voting/aap-referenda.html.

To learn more about the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP), please visit the following websites:

·         Infrastructure Canada – Investing in Canada plan: Infrastructure Canada Bilateral Agreements – British Columbia http://www.infrastructure.gc.ca/pt-sp/bc-eng.html

·         Province of British Columbia – Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – British Columbia https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/transportation/funding-engagement-permits/funding-grants/investing-in-canada-infrastructure-program

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