City of Trail meets with IRM following recent acid spills

City of Trail
By City of Trail
August 11th, 2018

The City of Trail would like to provide the public with an update on the action the City has taken since the two sulphuric acid spills that occurred on April 10 and May 23, 2018 on Highway 3B (Highway 22).

“Trail City Council and staff have been in frequent communication with the appropriate officials in regard to the acid spills,” said City of Trail Mayor Mike Martin. “In particular, we’ve had several discussions with representatives, including the company President, from International Raw Materials (IRM), the company that owns the acid and is responsible for its transport.  We have discussed why the spills occurred and what actions they have taken to ensure this never happens again. As a result of these lengthy meetings, we feel confident that since the spills occurred, IRM’s acid transportation protocols have been reviewed meticulously and enforced with the carriers to ensure acid transport is being carried out with upmost care.”

“We are very aware of the number of vehicle owners who’ve had to make auto insurance claims and it’s very concerning,” said Martin. “Therefore, we remind and encourage everyone that drove through, or even thinks they may have driven through one or both of the spills, to work with your insurance provider to seek appropriate compensation, which is a civil matter.”   

As far as any City infrastructure, vehicles and equipment that may have been affected by the acid spills, the City has been working through the proper channels and consulting with organizations to carefully conduct the required inspections and evaluations.  If any damage has occurred, the City will also follow up with the appropriate claims and replacement that may be required. 

“Not only are the acid spills extremely unfortunate from an environmental perspective, they’ve also caused financial hardship, inconvenience and stress for all those involved,” concluded Martin. “We understand the financial loss some may be facing due to their written off vehicle(s) and we encourage all those affected to continue to pursue the matter with your insurance provider.”

The City is continuing to follow-up with organizations and agencies involved and will provide any necessary updates as they become available.

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