RDCK Wood Stove Exchange Program extended into 2019

Regional District of Central Kootenay
By Regional District of Central Kootenay
January 27th, 2019

The Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) is now accepting applications for rebates as part of the Wood Stove Exchange Program. This program, funded by the Government of British Columbia and the BC Lung Association, provides homeowners with rebates when they exchange their old wood stove for a new emissions-certified one. The RDCK has been collaborating with local municipalities to help residents save money and improve local air quality through this program since 2009.

The RDCK is one of 13 regions across BC to receive funding from the Province and the BC Lung Association to administer a local wood stove exchange program in 2019. All RDCK electoral areas and municipalities have also committed “top-up” funding, bringing the total value of individual rebates to $350 or $500, depending on the type of new appliance installed. Forty-five rebates are available on a first-come, first- served basis.

In order to qualify for the rebate, residents must replace an old (pre-1994), uncertified wood stove with a new, locally purchased, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certified wood stove, gas stove, pellet stove, or insert. The stove must be in active use for home heating. Old stoves must be dismantled and brought to a local landfill or transfer station for disposal.

Governments across North America have implemented wood stove exchange programs with the goal of improving air quality. In the RDCK, air quality conditions can be poor during winter months when wood stove use is at its peak. Wood smoke contains fine particulate matter, which is associated with respiratory problems and heart disease. New emissions-certified wood stoves burn one-third less wood, and reduce smoke and particulates entering the atmosphere by up to 90 per cent.

To ensure safe and efficient wood burning:

· Use a high efficiency wood stove

· Build small, hot fires

· Ensure the wood is properly seasoned, with a water content of 15% or less

· Split wood into pieces 4” to 6” in diameter

· Store wood outside, off the ground, and covered

· Never burn garbage or treated wood

· Ensure your stove is installed or inspected by a certified technician

For more information on the program, or for a copy of the rebate application, visit www.rdck.ca.


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