LETTER: Asking why only two members of council appear to have spoken out about homophobic commentary during council's question period

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
April 8th, 2019

To the editor,

Regarding last week’s council meeting, wherein the city, as represented by its council, once again laid bare its parochial colours of phobic postulation and intolerant ideation:

I haven’t been following too closely the fallout because, as you might surmise, it sets me off- I might almost use the word “triggering” if it didn’t come slathered with the baggage of pop pyschology- and I get irrational very quickly. The two comments I’ve made on social media are, uncharacteristically, one-sentence affairs that safely skirt the edge of my own loathing.

My sole question is, I have only seen and read Councillors Sue Heaton & Florio Vassilakakis, in that order, publicly apologise for and denounce that public display of odious inhumanity from Castlegar’s own homegrown deplorables. I have seen nothing from any other councillor or the mayor, nor even council as a whole, nor from the City.

Have I missed something? Or are they all still tripping over the ankle-height bar of expectations I have of that burg?

Tony Jackson
Red Deer, AB

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