Selkirk gymnasts' accomplishments something to flip over

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May 26th, 2019

The Selkirk Challengers gymnastics club continues to have a very successful year. Gymnasts recently competed at two local events in Creston and Nelson. Head Coach, Rhonda Saunders, was very pleased with the club’s performance, stating “It is so great to see all the progress the girls have made this year, after all the hard work they have put into training. So many of the gymnasts had personal best scores during these two competitions”.

The Summit Invitational was hosted by the Creston Valley Gymnastics Club on April 27. This is the first year this club has hosted an event. Fourteen gymnasts from the Selkirk Challengers club competed in Junior Olympic and High School levels.  Their results were:

·         JO1: Bryer Goupil, London Tomlinson, Sandra McPhail, Szofia Armstrong and Paisley Konkin all scored Silver overall.

·         JO2:  Raelie Edwards and Alexia Popoff received an overall Gold score, while Kira Streloff, Moneka Singh, and Olivia McCallum received Silver.

·         JO5: Emma McLachlan was the only competitor, but she received personal best scores on vault, floor and bars and received the special award for best overall beam performance (out of the competition).

·         High School Level 2, Danica Radcliffe scored first on floor and third on vault and beam.

·         High School Level 3, Rachel Limbert came first overall, with second on vault.

The Kootenay Zone Championship was held the following weekend in Nelson (May 2-3). Nineteen gymnasts from the club competed, with eight gymnasts landing on the podium for overall scores.

·         JO1: Bryer Goupil scored a Silver overall.

·         JO2 (08/09): Kira Streloff received third overall, with a first on vault and third on floor

·         JO2 (09/10): Raelie Edwards came second overall, with a third on floor, second on beam, and third on bars. Zoe Bombier came second on vault.  

·         JO4 (07-09): Cayden Farnum came first on beam

·         JO4 (06), Jenna Postnikoff came first overall, first on vault and beam, second on floor and third on bar. Sahara Heppner came third overall, with second on vault and second on bar.

·         JO5: Emma Mclachlan won third overall, with third on vault and second on beam. Abby Hunter-Oglow came first on floor and first on vault.

·         High School Level 2 – Danica Radcliffe came second overall, with first on vault, second on floor, third on beam.

·         High School Level 3 – Rachel Limbert placed third overall, with second on vault and first on bar.

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