Revelstoke: Community Garden and Art Tour leads to search warrant

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By Castlegar Source
August 9th, 2019

RCMP in Revelstoke are warning residents to know the law if they intend to grow cannabis after an annual tour led to the execution of a search warrant last month.

On July 28, 2019 Revelstoke Local Food Initiative hosted their Seventh Annual Garden and Art Tour. This event consisted of a self-guided tour, where home owners open their gates to display their beautiful gardens and art to the public. It’s advertised as a fun event for all ages.

An off duty RCMP officer and a visiting family member, saw the posting for this event and decided to take advantage of the tour. As many of us will agree, Revelstoke is an extremely beautiful community and what better way, on a sunny Saturday to showcase the community to a visiting guest.

The officer and his guest were extremely excited to check out some of Revelstoke’s many talented residences. They purchased tickets, picked up a map and the two started out on the tour. As the tour progressed participants were exposed to blatant violations of Section 56 (g) Cannabis Control and Licensing Act; non-medical Cannabis Plants growing in full view of the public.

As a result of observations made during the public tour, a search warrant was executed on a residence on Aug. 2. Police seized marihuana plants and other items to support charges. The file remains under investigation.

“The Cannabis Control and Licensing Act was created to ensure the production, possession and distribution of cannabis would be done in a safe and controlled manner. Unfortunately, the violations of CCLA by some of our residents has brought some negative light to Revelstoke and the Garden and Art tour,” said Cpl. Mike Esson of the Revelstoke RCMP.  “By not properly growing cannabis plants, the residents have opened themselves up to the possibility of theft of the cannabis and drugs falling into the hands of  youth in our community,”

Revelstoke RCMP want to remind people that they need to know and follow the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act if they intend to grow cannabis.


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