Castlegar city council meeting highlights

City of Castlegar
By City of Castlegar
January 23rd, 2020

Committee of the Whole Meeting

  •  The City-owned lands surrounding the West Kootenay Regional Airport are the largest flat, developable, serviced section of land in the West Kootenay. Our Strategic Plan includes developing the space and the City is taking action with staff asking Council to consider the following:
  •   Issuing a tender to construct an access road to support development.
  •   Issuing a Development Permit for FedEx, Castlegar’s newest large business, to proceed with breaking ground and set-up operations in Castlegar.
  •  Castlegar’s 2018 Housing Needs Assessmentcalled for a more diverse mix of housing in the community. To support this, Council is in the early stages of considering:
  • a zoning amendment at 100 18th Street to accommodate Castlegar River Estates’ phased residential development of ~34 units, changing from single-family residential to medium density residential by adding duplex housing. There will be a Public Hearing for this.
  •  A zoning amendment at 3805 Columbia Avenue to accommodate Twin River Estates’ plan to proceed with Phase 2 of a subdivision which includes reducing lot size to create 51 lots and adding multi-residential lots.  There will be Public Hearings held for both of these applications. Council and staff look forward to hearing from the community.
  • The City is looking to apply to the Columbia Basin Trust’s Community Outdoor Revitalization Program for a $500,000 grant to plan, design and construct Phase 3 at the award-winning Millennium Park & Ponds, including a new playground and a multi-use building with and expanded washrooms, change rooms and outdoor showers.
  • The City is committed to ensuring solid and sustainable civic infrastructure. To ensure this:
  •  It completed Asset Management Plans for its roads, water, sanitary and storm systems last year.
  • This year, the City will complete Condition Assessments for City-owned facilities (City Hall, public works, pump houses, water treatment plants and the West Kootenay Regional Airport terminal and many others). These are similar to a house inspection and will indicate what’s in good shape and working well, what requires maintenance, and the associated costs.

Regular Council Meeting

  • The Mayor will attend the Annual 2020 BC Council of Forest Industries Convention to support local forestry companies and meet with Provincial Government and industry representatives.
  • With the City of Castlegar’s 75th Anniversary coming in 2021, the City will apply to Columbia Basin Trust’s Public Art Grants to purchase a piece of commemorative art.
  • As part of the City’s goal of renewable energy by 2050, it has decided to purchase the hybrid option for its new fire command vehicle.

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