Council Clips: City provides highlights from Mar. 2 meetings

City of Castlegar
By City of Castlegar
March 4th, 2020

Committee of the Whole Meeting

  • Council received the Affordable Housing Committee Final Report which summarizes recent community meetings and includes the following recommended actions for the City:

    1. Identify and contribute land suitable for affordable housing projects.
    2. Develop a comprehensive housing strategy that addresses the full spectrum of market and non-market housing development.
    3. Provide tax abatement to stabilize operations.
    4. Waive development costs charges and other fees, including service connections.
    5. Expedite processing of re-zoning and other issues related to land suitability and use.
    6. Conduct an annual survey of market rental housing rates.
    7. Support a meeting space for non-profit housing providers to share information, ideas and strategies related to non-profit affordable housing development and management.
    8. Commission an updated housing need and demand study at least every five years (as per provincial legislation and regulation).
  • Chris Fields from Rynic Consulting presented on innovative housing models as part a series of embracing BIG ideas sessions.
  • Council is considering applying for two grants:

    • Transport Canada’s Airport Capital Assistance Program to finance up to 90 per cent of the costs ($270,000) to replace the current truck which is 30-years-old.
    • Community Emergency Preparedness Fund for $25,000 to replace furniture in the City’s Emergency Operations Centre.
  • Council is considering extending the operations and maintenance contract at the West Kootenay Regional Airport for one-year with the option to renew for an additional year. Council has requested that staff generate a report investigating the costs of City staff providing this service in the future.

Regular Council Meeting

  • Council adopted a Zoning Amendment Bylaw for 100 18th Street, changing the zoning from single-family residential to medium density residential.
  • Council awarded the $1.44 million Airport Road Extension contract toCOPCAN Civil Ltd. Orchard Avenue, willprovide access and servicing to the West Kootenay Regional Airport Lands.
  • Council discussed bus access through, and the condition of, Sahlstrom Road. Council agreed the City will maintain the road as it has done in the past, send a letter to School District 20 regarding bus access, and will discuss options for the road this fall in advance of budget discussions.



  • The City is committed to working toward 100% renewable energy by 2050 in all energy use sectors in the community, including heating and cooling, transportation, electricity, and waste management. To support this, the City will:

    • Initiate an e-bike/bike payroll deduction payment plan for staff and Councillors to encourage commuting and recreating in ways that reduce GHG emissions.
    • Explore Bylaw requirements for new residential builds to provide electrical outlets capable of meeting electric vehicle charging station requirements.

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