Happy 50th Birthday, Cynthia Herd!

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May 27th, 2020

Happy Birthday, Cynthia! Your family wanted to do something special for your big day, and when they told us about you, we knew we wanted to do something special for you, too – this is how they described you:

As a wife

Cynthia is my best friend, closest confidant, and the love of my life.

As a mother in law (to be)

She is an exceedingly kind and caring women, who strives to help all of those around her.

As a mother

Cynthia, Mom, is my best friend. She is selfless, kind, never stops trying to help those around her whether its day or night. She has held our hands as children and as adults while sick, picked her children up from parties where constant stops were needed along the ride home, either to be sick or drop others off. She is creative, loves poetry and art, she loves to be around her family and friends, enjoys nature and camping. Cynthia is the mother of two children, and over the years countless others as she took care of both her children’s friends as if they were her own. Cynthia has had many struggles medically in her life but has endured and conquered all life as thrown at her. Cynthia has recently finished her two year diploma in social work, and was at the head of her class. Cynthia is a daughter to two loving parents, and has an older brother who lives out of province. Cynthia has helped all whose lives she has touched in one way or another, and continues to do so today. She is vibrant, kind, with a heart of gold and a family who is so thankful for all she is and everything she has done, and will do in the future. We love you mom.

Love from Stephen, Brandon, Tyler, Angelica and Clorissa. 

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