Castlegar couple praises extraordinary effort of helpful RCMP officer

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
July 10th, 2020

An Alberta police officer wowed a local couple with her caring, kindness and assistance last week while coping with the aftermath of a nighttime robbery.

Castlegar’s Daniel Gagnier is accustomed to service – not only are both of his parents well-known volunteers in the community, he has also served the past year and a half as a Private in the Canadian Armed Forces in Petawawa, Ont.

What was new for Gagnier was being the recipient of above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty service from a Lake Louise RCMP officer who went out of her way to help out during an emergency.

Gagnier said he and his fiancee, Castlegar’s Felecia McIntyre-Macready, were tenting en route home for a three week leave. It was a magical trip – he popped the question July 3 and McIntyre-Macready said yes! – until the two awoke the next morning to discover they had been the victims of a robbery.

While the duo slept, someone smashed the rear window of their vehicle and stole all their possessions – including credit cards and ID – leaving them stranded hours from home with only their cell phones (small help, that, as both had dead batteries). The two drove to the nearest RCMP detachment to report the crime.

Enter Lake Louise RCMP Const. Magali Dupuis.

“She really helped us out big time,” Gagnier said. “They (the thieves) took everything.”

He said Dupius found cardboard from her own home to patch up the window for the return trip home to Castlegar, then filled their gas tank to ensure they had enough fuel for the five-and-a-half hour drive. She also provided chargers for both of their phones, so they wouldn’t be stranded if a problem arose en route.

Gagnier said police have since informed him that their bank cards were used in Jasper, and they appear to have a suspect in the robbery.

“We’re so grateful for her (Dupuis’) help, she was awesome,” he said.

The Source reached out to the Lake Louise detachment commander, RCMP Sgt. Gerry Walker, to ask if this sort of effort was par for the course with Dupuis.

“She’s just a nice, caring person who wants to help,” Walker said. “For me, it’s not surprising at all that she did this.”

The newly-engaged couple are now home safe, Daniel’s vehicle is already in being repaired and, best of all, the duo has a fascinating story to tell their grandchildren someday about how they became affianced.

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