'Pirate' trails a problem on Deerpark Hill

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September 2nd, 2020

Rossland, BC.  Teck is reminding all users of the Deerpark Hill area, located on Teck lands, that unauthorized trail-building and unauthorized off-road vehicle use is strictly prohibited in the area. 

Rossland is a popular spot for recreationalists using authorized trails. Unfortunately, there has been unauthorized trail building in the area, which  increases soil disturbance and erosion, and leads to an increase in invasive species. Trail modification and building around the area can affect water flow and water quality of downstream habitat including the Centennial wetland. 

While the secondary peak of Deerpark Hill can potentially be accessed by motorized off-road vehicles, this leads to further introduction of invasive species, and a loss of habitat for at-risk species.

The Deerpark Hill area is rich in biodiversity.  People can spot anything from black bears and white-tailed deer, to elk and mountain lions, along with diverse insect and bird species thanks to a variety of native flowering plants. There are also unique and at-risk plant and animal species in the Deerpark Hill area which contribute to the area’s high ecological value. That includes at-risk amphibian and bat species, and the mountain navarretia, a small wildflower. Rossland is one of only two known places it can be found in Canada.

Above:  Mountain navarretia.  Please help it survive.

Please obey signage around the area to help protect the land, wildlife, and native plants from damage by unauthorized use.

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