Castlegar Cadets ask for public help in hall repairs

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October 16th, 2020

The Castlegar Air Cadets are asking for the public’s help after water was discovered leaking through the roof at their headquarters at the Kiwanis Community Hall this October.

While making their normal weekly check on the building, members of the Sponsoring Committee noticed puddles of water on the main floor which has resulted in water damage. Water damage that will require significant remediation to the ceiling, main floor and basement.

When asked about finding the water, Kirk Ismay the President of the Castlegar Air Cadets Sponsoring Committee had this to say, “I felt upset that just as the Cadets are starting to be able to do in person events again that we’ve now got this huge project in front of us that’s going to soak up our time and energy.  It’s really disappointing.  I’m optimistic we’ll be able to get through this, but it’ll take a community effort to make it happen.”

“We had hoped the roof leak could be resolved by a minor repair” said Shelley Hastie, the Committees Treasurer who has been working with the insurance company to address the water damage.  “We’ve since been advised that a full roof replacement will be required. We are fortunate that our insurance will cover the extensive water damage that has occurred to the interior of the hall, with a deductible of $5,000, but it won’t cover the roof repair.”

The treasurer went on to say that the squadron sponsoring committee of the Castlegar Air Cadets is now looking at approximately $30,000 bill to replace the roof.

The Squadron has had many homes in its nearly 70 years of serving the community.  Starting its early days in the old Castlegar Elementary School which stood where the Castlegar Courthouse now stands.  This headquarters was followed by Stanley Humphries High School, the Kinnaird Hall and then old the Airport Terminal Building.

And finally the Kiwanis Hall, which has been the current home of the Air Cadets since 1994.  It is also the home of the community Sharing Pot, a soup kitchen that typically runs on Tuesdays at noon.

If you would like to support this fundraising effort you can find the GoFundMe information on the Cadet Facebook page www.facebook.com/CastlegarCadets or you can Donate through this link here: Donate Here

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