Two weekend calls prompt RCMP to remind residents not to misuse 9-1-1

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
January 26th, 2021

Two Trail incidents over the weekend have spurred Mounties to encourage residents to use discretion when calling 9-1-1, according to Trail top cop RCMP Sgt. Mike Wicentowich.

The first issue arose in the wee hours of Friday morning.

“On Jan. 22, at 12:22 a.m., Trail and Greater District RCMP received a complaint from a 48-year-old Trail woman who reported that she was unhappy with how her 40-year-old brother was treating her on her birthday.” Wicentowich said. “Front line officers responded to the woman’s residence and discovered that the pair had been consuming alcohol. Although police were able to determine that the siblings had gone to a local steak house restaurant to celebrate, it wasn’t clear exactly what led to officers being called.

“Nonetheless, front line officers managed to resolve the matter between the siblings, who shook hands and agreed to reconcile. RCMP encouraged the man and woman to only contact police for assistance in the future with true emergencies.”

Then on Sunday morning, police responded to what was, literally, a cat fight.

“On Jan. 24, at 11:52 a.m., Trail and Greater District RCMP received a 9-1-1 emergency call from an Aspen Road home for reports of a disturbance. Front line police officers attended the residence and were told that a 29-year-old Trail man’s cat was fighting with his house guest’s cat,” Wicentowich said in a press release Tuesday. “The feline fight escalated to a verbal confrontation between the man and his guest, a 20-year-old Castlegar woman who allegedly uttered threats during the dispute and prompted the call to 9-1-1.”

RCMP spoke with both individuals and reminded the pair that calling 9-1-1 was only for emergencies and to refrain from calling it over their cats fighting.

“People have to realize that when they call 9-1-1 for stuff like that, they tie up the line, so people with serious emergencies, like a heart attack or fire, can’t get through, or may be put on hold.”

The non-emergency number for the Trail and Greater District RCMP detachment is 250-364-2566.


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