What to do if you suspect the unmarked car pulling you over is not a real police vehicle

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
March 28th, 2021

Police are reporting a white truck in the area attempting to pull people over, as it has red-and-blue flashing lights in its grill (Click here for previous coverage).

But what do you do if said vehicle tries to pull YOU over?

We posed the question to Trail RCMP Acting NCOIC Cpl. Devon Reid, and he said it can be confusing, as motorists are required to pull over for police.

“If you have any doubts that the person is a police officer, lock your doors and keep driving to a well-lit area where there are lots of people (preferably somewhere with surveillance cameras, like a gas station) or even to your local RCMP detachment,” he said, adding that it would be wise to call 911 if you have a handsfree option available.

Since police have to notify dispatch when pulling over a vehicle, 911 dispatch should be able to find out if the ‘police vehicle’ in question is legitimate.

There are ways, especially in the case of the aforementioned white truck, to discern the difference – the truck in question has red-and-blue flashing lights in its grille, whereas a real ghost car would have lights in the window, in the mirrors, and the headlights would flash on and off. In a marked car, there will be lights on the roof, as well.

And should it ease the minds of local motorists, Reid offered assurances that police are very focussed on catching this person.

“We have lots of resources working on this,” he said. “It upsets us just as much as everyone else.”

The phone number for the Trail and Area RCMP detachment is 250-364-2566, while Castlegar RCMP are at 250-365-7721, in case you have any tips or information that could lead to identifying the truck and its driver.

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