Trail RCMP assist Rossland SAR in rescuing two hikers

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September 14th, 2021

On September 12, 2021, at 4:13 p.m. Trail and Greater District RCMP received a report about two hikers, a 51-year-old and 59-year-old Trail woman, possibly stranded on the Old Glory Trail, in Rossland.

A frontline Trail RCMP officer contacted Rossland Search and Rescue who took action and located the pair by helicopter. Rossland SAR volunteers were dropped off near the two hikers and provided assistance until a ground crew could reach the pair.

Rossland SAR extracted one of the hikers with use of specialized equipment from the area, as she was not able to walk out on her own.

The other walked out on her own. The hikers were exhausted and dehydrated from their long journey.

Trail RCMP would like to recognized and thank Rossland SAR for their efforts in bringing this situation to a safe and happy resolution.

“Rossland SAR, and other SAR agencies in the area, make it possible for all of us to venture into the outdoors with an extra measure of safety and confidence should we run into trouble,” said Sgt. Mike Wicentowich, Detachment Commander for Trail RCMP. 

“Please support and acknowledge of the contributions of these great volunteers in your community.”  

Trail RCMP reminds backcountry enthusiast to be best prepared by:

  1. Carrying a satellite emergency beacon to alert authorities when you are in trouble or experiencing difficulties.
  2. Carrying a cell phone; however, do not rely on the cell coverage, as it is often sporadic or unavailable in the mountains.
  3. Hike to your ability.
  4. Let someone know where you are going and when you intend to be back.
  5. Hike with a friend or in a group.
  6. Stay on the trail or marked pathways.
  7. Always obey caution and warning signs.
  8. Read up on the trail or buy a trail guide to carry with you.
  9. Be prepared for sudden medical emergencies.
  10. Carrying the following items when day hiking:
  • An appropriate sized trail rated backpack. Avoid buying online unless you are sure about what you need. Local adventures stores can help you select and properly fit you with a backpack.
  • Weather-appropriate clothing including extra clothes to prepare for sudden and frequent weather changes in Kootenays.
  • Well-fitting trail rated hiking boots or shoes.
  • Food for the day and a bit extra in case you are delayed or stranded.
  • Water! 1.5 to 3 litres is recommended for a day hike. Water bottle filtration systems enable you to drink from water sources along the trail. Backpacks made for hiking come with water bladders and drinking hoses for increased convenience.
  • A current waterproof map and compass combined with a basic knowledge of navigation.
  • A small first aid kit including common medications.
  • A knife or multi-tool.
  • Matches or fire starter.
  • A GPS device.


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