Arrow Flow Change Notification for Tuesday, July 5

BC Hydro
By BC Hydro
July 4th, 2022


BC Hydro would like to notify the public that the discharge rates from Arrow Lakes Reservoir will increase noticeably on Tuesday, July 5:   

•           At 7 a.m., flows will increase from 1,585 m3/s to 1,727 m3/s.

•           At 8 a.m., flows will increase from 1,727 m3/s to 1,869 m3/s.

•           At 9 a.m., flows will increase from 1, 869 m3/s to 1,982 m3/s.

When combined with the outflows from the Kootenay River, Columbia River levels at Birchbank are expected to increase by 0.58 metres (1.7 feet).  Please make safety your top priority when planning activities near the Columbia River.

For up-to-date reservoir elevation and river flow information, please call BC Hydro’s toll-free number at 1-877-924-2444 or visit bchydro.com. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mary Anne Coules at 250-365-4565.


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