Council Candidate Florio Vassilakakis - in his own words

By Contributor
October 7th, 2022

Let me be up front with you about what this election means, so we can acknowledge the abundant good things that are happening in Castlegar right now, while keeping the door open to the positive changes yet come.

Castlegar has so much going for it, and it’s getting better. It’s not perfect and there’s more work to be done.

During the eight years I served as your councilor, I dedicated myself to learning about our city’s history, its bylaws, its budgets, it’s operations and so much more.

I’ve supported policies and initiatives that take us forward, that have been built on consensus, that show our citizens and others what Castlegar is and can be.

I have shown that I can lead to get things done. From Millennium park, to infrastructure investment and asset management, to environmental stewardship, economic development strategies, housing opportunities, healthcare with fiscal prudence.

Castlegar is just beginning to get its footing in a new movement that recognizes the value of small-town life, that values local over global, that tips the balance away from big cities.

Most important, our city is poised to deliver better experiences and services to its residents, the business community, and visitors.

Tonight, as I have on so many nights at the council table, I’m making a case for the betterment of the city and our people. Let’s not retreat.

We must continue to invest in our future and in the quality of life of our citizens. We must do so in a way that balances affordability and sustainability while respecting our changing demographics and the amenities and service demands of modern rural life.

Our plans must include all our citizens — seniors, families, youth, LBGTQ2+ community, our indigenous community, vulnerable populations and the business community.

Let me remind everyone here that there is a plan and there is momentum in Castlegar.

And when I make this next point, I say it is a fact. While I have been gone a mere 20 months, I am up to speed on the issues inside City Hall and I have continued to participate in council meetings as an observer. From day one, I will be able to lead with a confident understanding of the current challenges, but also with an assurance for driving results.

This is not just about me. I urge you to seriously consider the best candidates, not just in this moment, but for the future success of our community and its citizens.”


“We have heard a lot of things tonight. But let’s make no mistake. This election is about vision, Castlegar’s future and the kind of progressive and experienced leadership required to get us there.

Here is what I commit to do. I will lead with respect, collaborate, work to help build a strong team and press to strengthen our community for all our citizens by investing in the things that make people’s lives better.

Successful communities are about great experiences and creating places and spaces where citizens can enjoy their passions.

We have to create opportunities by looking forward on a housing strategy, downtown area plan, the environment, economic development and airport reliability, healthcare initiatives, recreation and infrastructure. All the while ensuring affordability for our citizens.

As a part of council I want to continue on this path. The City of Castlegar needs to remain relevant and competitive.

We can retreat or we can choose to adapt and lead in changing world.

I’m Florio and I’m ready to be back at the table.”

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