Cabinet Minister Katrine Conroy: Dec. 16 Newsletter

Katrine Conroy
By Katrine Conroy
December 16th, 2022

Dear Neighbours, Friends and Community Members,

We know that costs are adding up for British Columbians, especially with the holiday season now upon us. Your provincial government is committed to making life more affordable, and that includes keeping your car insurance rates low. This week our government announced a two year freeze on Basic car insurance rates with ICBC. This means drivers will continue to enjoy some of the lowest rates in Canada, while not having to worry about increasing insurance costs over the next two years. You can learn more about this progress here: https://news.gov.bc.ca/27962

Since we introduced ICBC’s Enhanced Care model, rates for car insurance in B.C. have gone from amongst the highest in Canada, to the lowest. Enhanced Care is also providing care, recovery, and replacement benefits that work better for more people, compared with the prior model.

Being able to rely on their insurance costs staying stable will help reduce the burden on families throughout B.C. This is another key reason our public insurance system is so important to us as government. We’ll continue to work hard to make sure ICBC can work best for the people it serves.

ICBC files for no increase to basic insurance rates for two more years
People are concerned about rising costs for daily essentials, especially as the holidays get closer. Under Enhanced Care, car insurance rates in B.C. have gone from some of the highest in Canada to being among the lowest. ICBC is applying for no overall change to Basic insurance rates for the next two years. If approved, this means that people in B.C. will continue to enjoy stable and affordable car insurance rates for another two years. Along with more affordable insurance, Enhanced Care is providing people with significantly better care, recovery and replacement benefits compared to the previous insurance model.

Province supports inclusive, diverse arts sector with $2.7 million

B.C.’s art community has always brought people together and the pandemic showed us all how important it is to support local artists and art organizations. We announced that more than 250 artists and art organizations across B.C. will benefit from over $2.7 million in BC Arts Council grants to support a more inclusive and diverse arts sector. SQx Dance Company from Castlegar B.C. was one of our Kootenay West groups to receive a grant of $30,000. These grants are supporting a more diverse group or artists and art organizations that is reflective of the talent across B.C.

Grants support students with school activities from kindergarten through Grade 12
Learning, growing and having fun also takes place outside the regular school curriculum. Students throughout B.C. will benefit from extracurricular events, activities and equipment supported by Community Gaming Grants to more than 1,300 school parent advisory councils and district parent advisory councils. These Community Gaming Grants support PACS and DPACS to deliver a range of extracurricular activities for K-12 students including participation in field trips in B.C., student clubs, grad ceremonies, performances, sports, and playground equipment. $94,300 was distributed between 16 Kootenay West groups.

Over the Holiday season our Castlegar constituency office will have limited hours. Please call and leave a voicemail at 1-250-304-2783 or for a more prompt response email Katrine.Conroy.MLA@leg.bc.ca and Sarah will be happy to assist. Although we have limited staff in the office, staff will still be available remotely during regular business hours.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season,

Katrine Conroy
MLA Kootenay West 

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