New Garbage Carts Coming for Castlegar Residents

City of Castlegar
By City of Castlegar
July 21st, 2023

Starting the week of July 24, the City will be delivering new, smaller garbage carts, organics kitchen catcher bins, and a 2023-2024 Collection Calendar + Waste Guides to homes.

These will be part of the introduction of a new waste management system that will reduce garbage sent to the landfill by separating household waste into three streams: organics, recycling and garbage.

“We expect the delivery will take a couple of weeks and that all residents will receive their new garbage cart and kitchen catcher bin by August 4,” says Solid Waste & Organics Ambassador, Emilie teBulte. “The delivery company will be moving fast, and we expect they will be making up to 400 deliveries a day.”

Following delivery, residents can expect the following during the transition period to the new system:

Week of August 7

  • This is the last garbage pick up using the current system.
  • Once your green-lidded cart has been emptied this week, begin using this cart to collect organics such as food scraps, food-soiled paper, and yard and garden waste. Only items listed in the organics tab of the Waste Guide will be accepted.
  • Begin using your new grey-lidded cart for garbage this week. The smaller size accounts for waste that can be collected in your organics cart and recycling bins.

Week of August 14

  • Recycling will be collected using the current schedule.
  • Continue using your green-lidded organics cart to collect food scraps, food-soiled paper, and yard and garden waste for pick-up during the week of August 21.
  • During the program transition, your organics cart will not be picked up for 2 weeks.

Week of August 21

  • This is the first time you’ll receive weekly organics collection and bi-weekly garbage collection together!
  • Place your new, grey-lidded garbage cart and your green-lidded organics cart at the curb on your usual pick up day, during the collection window.
  • Carts that are not sorted and contain items that don’t belong will not be collected and infraction tags may be issued.
  • Use your 2023-2024 Collection Calendar + Waste Guide for information on what goes where.

The introduction of weekly curbside organics collection means less garbage and less smell. The new waste management system will see organics collected weekly while recycling and garbage will continue to be collected every other week. More organics + more recycling = less garbage! On average, organic waste makes up 40% of household garbage. Another 37% can be recycled.

All residential properties, including single-family homes, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes and City approved multi-family sites serviced by shared commercial bins are included in the program. If you have a set of garbage and recycling containers that are collected by the City, your household is included.

Change Can Be Challenging

As your household adapts to the new collection system, we encourage you to monitor your solid waste levels for at least three months before considering it necessary to get an additional garbage cart. If you’re still regularly exceeding the garbage cart capacity and are unable to take any extra to the landfill, a second garbage cart can be purchased. This comes with additional fees for the extra cart, a one-time administration fee, and an additional annual collection fee.

Learn More

We know residents may have questions and we’ve got the answers! Come chat with us in person or contact our Solid Waste + Organics Ambassador at 250 365 5979 or curbside@castlegar.ca. Find a list of events at castlegar.ca/curbside.

Find frequently asked questions, the new collection schedule and information on what can and can’t go into your curbside collection containers at castlegar.ca/curbside.

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