Recovery and Relocation of Pontoons at the Hugh L. Keenleyside Dam

BC Hydro
By BC Hydro
March 6th, 2024

Starting on Monday, March 18, BC Hydro will be undertaking work to recover and relocate two of the floating guide wall pontoons that sunk in January of 2020 due to adverse weather.

As a result of low reservoir levels, these sunken pontoons have become a hazard.

The removal of these pontoons will allow the public to safely resume use of the navigational lock. Once the pontoons have been recovered, they will be relocated to the forebay for temporary storage.

Further remediation work will take place at a later date. We anticipate that the recovery and relocation work will be completed by the end of April.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mary Anne Coules at 250-365-4565.

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