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by Letters to the ... on Thursday Nov 01 2018

Several times in our province we have had election results distorted by our current voting system (first past the post).
As a result the political landscape has been plagued by polarized politics for as long as anyone can remember and many voters find themselves voting to block something they despise and/or not having their vote represented at all.

by Letters to the ... on Thursday Nov 01 2018

To The Editor:

As Remembrance Day approaches, I would like to pay tribute to the amputee veterans who founded The War Amps, which marks its 100th anniversary this year.

by Letters to the ... on Monday Oct 29 2018

To The Editor:

Confused about proportional representation?

Read this.

by Dermod Travis on Thursday Oct 25 2018

Istuary Innovations is back in the news this month and not for particularly good reasons.

Founded by Sun Yian, Istuary rolled into B.C. or out of a downtown Vancouver Starbucks – depending upon your perspective – in 2013.

by Letters to the ... on Thursday Oct 25 2018

To The Editor:

Proportional Representation leads to better decision making in our Government. It has been demonstrated time and again that better decisions are made collectively than individually.

Proportional Representation (Pro Rep) voting ensures that voters political views are accurately represented.

by Charles Jeanes on Wednesday Oct 24 2018

War, what is it good for? Absolutely nuthin.’   -- pop song, 1968

War is the Father of us all.   – Herodotus, Greek historian, 5th C. BCE

War is over, if you want it.     – John Lennon

Forgive me Lord, I do so love it.  – General Patton, American Army

by David Suzuki on Wednesday Oct 24 2018

The U.S. president may think global warming is a hoax perpetrated by China, but his administration has concluded Earth’s average temperature will rise 4 C over pre-industrial levels by 2100 if we fail to address the causes. Overwhelming scientific evidence concludes that such a rise would be catastrophic for humanity and many other animals and plants on this small blue planet.

by Letters to the ... on Wednesday Oct 24 2018
A key ingredient in any democracy is that people choose their leaders based on their values.  In our current voting system we are often forced to choose between a person or a party or to vote “strategically”.
by Contributor on Wednesday Oct 24 2018

By Cathy Holtslander

by Letters to the ... on Wednesday Oct 24 2018

To The Editor:

The B.C. government passed an amendment to the Petroleum and Natural Gas Act on March 14, 2018 that protects corporate confidentiality.  Ministry of Finance officials say the new confidentiality provision prevents them from disclosing what individual fossil fuel companies pay in royalties.