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by Letters to the ... on Thursday Jul 19 2018

To The Editor:

by Dick Cannings MP on Thursday Jul 19 2018

Greyhound’s announcement that it will be pulling all its routes out of western Canada at the end of October came as a surprise, and for many it was more serious news.  It left them wondering how they were going to travel to work sites, to visit relatives and friends, or to go to university in the fall.  For them, the bus isn’t just a transportation option, it’s the only way th

by Sara Golling on Wednesday Jul 18 2018

Why people defend FPTP and oppose Proportional Representation:

by David Suzuki on Tuesday Jul 17 2018

Over the past few months, heat records have broken worldwide. In early July, the temperature in Ouargla, Algeria, reached 51.3 C, the highest ever recorded in Africa! Temperatures in the eastern and southwestern United States and southeastern Canada have also hit record highs.

by Michael Jessen on Sunday Jul 15 2018

“The whale represents all living creatures. They’re so precious, they’re so wonderful, just like this universe is, like this planet is, and like you are. We have to never forget that. You’re part of it. We’re here for a reason and that’s to make sure this universe stays beautiful and wonderful and brilliant.

by John Horgan on Friday Jul 13 2018

Every senior in British Columbia deserves the peace of mind that comes with having safe and affordable housing – yet too many can’t find the secure, accessible, affordable homes they need.

Our government is working with community partners to increase the supply of housing and make sure more seniors have good homes they can afford.

by Letters to the ... on Friday Jul 13 2018

To The Editor:

by Sara Golling on Wednesday Jul 11 2018

Former Supreme Court of Canada Justice Ian Binnie said, “I think the recent popularity amongst political leaders denouncing judicial outcomes is extremely dangerous.”  He was

by Charles Jeanes on Wednesday Jul 11 2018

“Travel broadens the mind.”

“Einstein said Time isn’t really Real.”  -- James Taylor, Secret of Life

A Traveller’s Chaos, A Writer’s Coherence

by Letters to the ... on Wednesday Jul 11 2018

Electoral Reform : My Personal Fact Check #1