LETTER: Cannabis opposition a vote for prohibition

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August 21st, 2009

RE: Grand Forks, Nelson – the pot lobby is all around us and Dueling Columnists agree — on Prohibition!

While researching the legalization of cannabis Mr. Legget must have somehow missed the 2002 report by the Canadian Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs. Far from being the “pot lobby” the senate is our chamber of “sober second thought”.

The senate report states “The prohibition of cannabis does not bring about the desired reduction in cannabis consumption or problematic use. However, this approach does have a whole series of harmful consequences,” and “The Committee recommends that the Government of Canada amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act to create a criminal exemption scheme. This legislation should stipulate the conditions for obtaining licences as well as for producing and selling cannabis; criminal penalties for illegal trafficking and export; and the preservation of criminal penalties for all activities falling outside the scope of the exemption scheme.” Pretty much all Legget’s concerns could be laid to rest if he bothered to read the report.

Legget has confused lobbyists with advocates. “Advocates” are often medical cannabis patients and victims of prohibition laws and they work on the issue for free. “Lobbyists” get paid to lobby for the benefit of their employer.

Perhaps before Legget advocates for the prohibition of alcohol and tobacco he should research and write a column about the benefits of alcohol prohibition.

Paul DeFelice

Nelson, B.C.

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