LETTER: A twit by any other name ...

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August 22nd, 2009

To The Editor, RE: Pot response a mixed bag

“I don’t agree with legalization, and I’ll say so firmly and passionately.”

This is what is getting you the vitriolic emails, Kyra. Your insistence, your determination to stick to your opinion in the face of all the new evidence makes you look like a closed-mined idiot. You might THINK it makes you look firm, a strong-willed woman, independent, a True Oprah-ite struggling in a man’s world and all that.

But in actual fact it makes you look willfully ignorant. Like a weird old spinster aunt who still uses the N-word as if it is normal. That is how you look to us. That is why we piled on so harshly. You are such a twit, you don’t realize you are a twit, even when a dozen people explain to you in detail how you are a twit. It is like trying to explain physics to a cat.

Your follow-up comment confirms my suspicion that you are a fool. People are entitled to their “opinions”, but when the opinion is based, as yours is, on nonsense and balderdash – and the opinion holder seems incapable of changing their opinion, even in the light of new evidence – then maybe your “opinion” is not deserving of any more respect than a fart in a hot tub.

Even with all the information we have sent you, you STILL won’t smarten up and see that the prohibition that you endorse is wildly counterproductive – that it is, in fact, doing the opposite of what you would like to see happen!

How can anyone consider you anything but a nincompoop?

Russell Barth

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