LETTER: Will sewage end up in Arrow Lakes?

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November 2nd, 2009

I have just learned that the 50 plus condo development “Arrow Lakeside Resort and Marina”, on the edge of Syringa Park is only now applying for water, effluent & a couple of other licences that will make it able to legally operate.

And, guess where they want to dispose of their sewage from 50 plus units? Into the Arrow Lake, Castlegar’s drinking water source, of course.

I tried to follow the links given in the notice in last week’s local newspapers to learn more about the application, but couldn’t find the effluent treatment plan. They’d posted one for water management instead and the deadline for submission of comments re this application is this Friday, November 6. I urge readers to look up the notice and send comments and/or request a delay in the deadline by Friday to the Front Counter BC office in Cranbrook: lwbc.cranbrook@victorial.gov.bc.ca or 1-877-855-3222.

I wonder what’s next for this beautiful area? Are there any rules in place for what kind of development will be allowed on the shoreline of the Lower Arrow? What will happen to the quality of Castlegar’s water? What’s the RDCK role in land use planning for this area? I urge you to do some research on this issue.

Ann Godderis

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