Time change for Monday night at the Movies

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November 17th, 2009

Mark your calendars for a date change in the next Monday Night at the Movies film! Summer Hours will be shown on Nov. 23 at 7p.m. in the Kootenay Centre Cinemas in Castlegar.


Directed by Oliver Assayas and starring some of France’s finest actors, including Juliette Binoche of Chocolat fame, Summer Hours is a magnificent film dealing with ideas of tradition and family heritage using a house and a garden as its setting.


Helene (Edith Scob) lives in a rambling mansion full of art and valuable objects, including her own uncle’s paintings. On her 75th birthday, her three grown children arrive to celebrate with her. Frederic (Charles Berling) is an economist. The younger son, Jeremie, (Jeremie Renier) a manufacturer of running shoes, has located to Shanghai with his family. Her daughter, the dark and brooding Adrienne (a blonde Binoche) is a successful designer who now lives in New York.


Events force Helene’s children to make a series of decisions that have everything to do with their shared sense of the past. What are they going to do with all these memories and objects that define them and in a way create their identity? Can it all be discarded? As they try to make decisions, thorny problems arise and emotions run high as family dynamics come into play. How these tensions are resolved is the subject of this intimate drama and Assayas has produced a work of great lyrical power, showing extraordinary control of place and character.


Language is French with English subtitles.


Tickets at $9 are available at the Kootenay Gallery, Tthe Castlegar Library and at the door, which opens at 6.30 p.m.


Our next movie, Cairo Time, will be shown on Dec. 7, to anticipate the Christmas rush!


Until Dec.24, remember the Kootenay Gallery is exhibiting their Christmas Show and Sale. Lots of wonderful treasures and items for your own wish list, and to complete your holiday shopping. Check out www.kootenaygallery.com for more information.



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