Letter: Castlegar and her residents shouldn't cave to Celgar's demands

By Contributor
December 3rd, 2009

Dear Editor: Celgar’s refusal to pay taxes owed to the City of Castlegar smacks of anarchism, and it’s recent payment of $377,000 to the RDCK is meant to be divisive.

Celgar continues to try to intimidate and coerce the City of Castlegar and its citizens to reduce or eliminate taxes. Hopefully, the city council will strongly resist Celgar’s demands!

Threats of an imminent shutdown of the mill’s operation due to the “burden of excessive taxation” rings hollow. The only reason the mill would cease operations would be due to a long period of unprofitably. Taxes, although part of the equation, are small indeed compared to market forces! Let us not forget that the federal government will be giving Celgar $50-60 million toward their “Green Energy Project.” Where did that money come from?

You guessed it!


The city has made moves to reduce Celgar’s taxes as a show of good faith. Far more than they deserve in my opinion!

I question the silence of our Chamber of Commerce and the business community along with our MP and MLA on this subject. Silence can be associated with acquiescence!

Taxes are essential to the running of a city, all should pay their fair share! Should there be a shortfall, the remaining taxpayers, (you and I), pick up the tab or services will have to be curtailed or discontinued.

The city needs and deserves support, not only from its citizens and businesses, but also from neighbouring communities and cities.

Imagine if Celgar was successful, do you not think Tech Cominco would contemplate similar action (Hello, Trail)?

This letter is not meant as condemnation of Castlegar council but as a letter of support! Hold the line!

Wayne Sutton

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